Company Profile

We started our dried apricot production in 1960’s as a family business. We Started to trade in 1980’s. We became a limited company in 1995 as known “Yasaroglu Tarim Urunleri Sanayi Ticaret and marketing Ltd” (Yasaroglu Trading and Marketing of Agricultural Products Industry Ltd Co. )

We started to export under Yasaroglu World Brand in 1999. We have been exporting dried apricots to  all over the world for the long  years. Our factory making it total of 5000 sq meters of closed area. With this expansion , we made our production double and have the capacity of producing one container daily. We have the capacity of producing 7200 tons in  a year. All kind packing  12,5 kgs and 5 kgs carton boxes, 1 kgs, 500-400 grs, 250 – 200 grs. ( polystrene trays, clear rectangular trays, clear cellobags, bamboo baskets, carton trays, carton boxes with iner OPP bags … etc.) of course prepare to request of our customers. Our  “quality” and “price” are always at compatible rates in the market place. We did not hear any complaints quality of our products for long years. The reason that we never heard any complaints about our products because we are a family business and most of our strategic positions held by our own brothers, it is a true family business! ( production, product purchasing, food control, and product sales
There is no other company in this system. So we are ambitious with our products quality. Please know that “We are looking for a rival company to our quality.“

Because of our core strategic operation, there can not be any mistakes or complaints about our products. Especially for the last 2 years , all of our business visitors (importers) have done deals with us and we provide their requests.
  •  we included other types of dried fruits as well. We have partners regarding dried raisins and figs in Izmir.  We also provide other types of dried fruits internally in izmir and it’s areas.
In the export of our products,  We have prenciples & Why  Yasaroglu World Brand ?
  • Quality of manufacturing (High Quality )
  • Competitive Price
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Well Trained Staff
  • Experience in Food Industry
  • Delivery on time
  • Guarantee the shipping of the selling goods(even if loss from sale)
We are one of the leader producer of dried fruits now. We trust that you will find our quality and service as the best and will purchase your dried apricot requirement from us. 
Best Regards, Yasaroglu Trading & Marketing of gricultural Products Industry Ltd Co.