Production Policy

Certified by ISO 22000&HACCP and ISO 9001:2000&HACCP ,Our factory has modern machinery system for producing dried fruits at high level hygienic standards under the control of our experienced food and chemical engineers .We can also supply our products under KOSHER certificate.Our machinery specialties are washing,drying ,sorting and calibrating systems . After passing necessary raw material control tests ,apricots are washed twice to be cleaned from dirt and washed apricots are brought to moving conveyor bands to be sorted by the workers .Than the conveyor bands bring the apricots to the calibration machine and all apricots are seperated due to the diameters by calibrating machine.

 After calibration ,dried apricots are brought to stainless  steal tables for hand picking. Here all apricots are hand picked by workers    according to the quality standards and product specifications under  utmost properly  hygienic conditions. Apricots are  selected and separated from all defects and foreign matrials  one by one very  carefully .Hand picked apricots are again brought to moving conveyor bands for  the second control and than passes to packing line to be put in boxes .

 After this process, sorted and cleaned apricots are put in boxes or retails packs according to size.The  packaging differ due to the request of the buyer .We can pack apricots bulk  in 12,5 or  5 kg carton boxes. If preferred ,top layering may be done.Apart from bulk packing ,also we have retails packs .  Our packing types (as seen on the photos above ) accordingly are ;

Foam Tray (250 ,500 , 1000 gr )  Carton Boxes ( 250 ,500 , 1000 gr ,2,3,5,10,12.5 kg )  Cello Bags (250 ,500 , 1000 gr )  Clear Rectangular Trays (250 ,500 , 1000 gr ) ALL PACKED APRICOTS ARE PASSED THROUGH METAL DETECTORS BEFORE BEING LOADED INTO TRUCKS.

Further more , due to the demand from the buyers  we are providing our buyers with DICED (CHOPPED)   and SLICED DRIED APRICOT (APRICOT HALVES)and APRICOT KERNEL 

Ready to ship apricots packed in carton boxes on pallets and Our drying rooms are seen on above Picture.